Tips For Engaging Students In Learning

Learning is a lifelong practice that we all have to do.  When going to school we are given lectures by teachers, assignments that we need to complete, tests to show our retention of this knowledge and then expected to use it when we are released into the real world.  With this type of education system, the need for a tutoring club lithia fl is easily seen.

With a tutoring club likeminded kids and students can get together and work on a specific project.  Guided by a teacher or even an older student, kids can be presented with a problem that needs to be solved, given tools and resources in which to solve the problem and more. 

Working in groups

When we work in groups, we have the combined power of everyone in the group.  With multiple people working on a problem the ability to look at that problem from a variety of different angles is made possible.  What one student can’t see, perhaps another can.

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Shared skills and resources

When we work together, we have the ability to share our skills.  For example, if one student can draw and another can tell a story, then they can work together on putting something together using those combined skills.  For resources, some people may have crayons and others paper.  If they share the crayons and paper everyone will have access to the same components.

Time management

Groups can work on a larger project and get it done sooner than if a single student worked on that same project.  With each student putting in one hour of work and there are five students, the work that would take five hours to complete can be done in one.

Building teamwork

Teamwork is a great skill to learn.  When we all work as a team everyone benefits in the end.